What To Look For When Purchasing A CNC Turret Punch Press Machine

Owners of metal shops specializing in precision sheet metal fabrication have several options available to them for CNC machines. When making choices about a particular machine, you need to consider your exact needs for one and how it can help to improve your shop production. If you are considering the addition of a CNC turret punch press, learning more about how it can benefit your operation is a good idea before doing so.

A Time When Size Consideration Matters

The size of the sheet metal you plan to put into a press machine determines the table size you should choose. Punch presses have various table sizes for this reason. The thickness of the sheet metal you will be machining is another important factor to consider when selecting a punch press. Also, when thinking about press punches, consider the tonnage you require for your particular production. Bear in mind that the latest advancements in laser punches do not follow typical tonnage measurements, making them a choice if you are considering fast punching without press weight limitations.

Complete Automation Or No Automation

If you are a small metal fabrication operation, you might think about how an automated punch press can benefit you and your employees. A fully automated press punch does all the work without operator intervention, completing parts in a fast, timely manner. If you have few employees, an automated machine can take care of precision, time consuming tasks that will allow your employees to engage in other important tasks. Consider how more parts being made without paying out more payroll to get them can help to increase your profits. Some automated press punches also stack finished parts on pallets, meaning the only thing you or your employees need to do is to remove them with a forklift for quality assurance tasks, packaging and shipping.

Turret Choices And Your Sheet Metal Parts Production

If you are manufacturing simple parts, you will need fewer turret stations on your punch press. However, if you are making parts with complex, intricate designs, you will more than likely require more turret stations. In each turret station is a set of tools that are used in punches for achieving the design designated by the computer controls. More geometrically complex part designs usually require more turret stations.

Today's technology has made a huge impact on the world of sheet metal fabrication processes. Staying ahead of your competition means you will need to remain on the forefront with the types of machinery you use for daily production tasks. The addition of a CNC turret punch press to your facility can help you reach higher levels of more precise, high quality parts production.