Need A New Roof? Why Metal Should Be Your Material Of Choice

Whether you're in the process of building your next home, or if you just need a new roof for your current house, metal is a great choice.  Metal is strong and durable, and offers a number of significant advantages over other roofing materials.  After installing a metal roof, you may start to wonder how you could have ever used another material to protect the top of your home.  Use this information to learn more about why metal is the right choice for your new roof. Read More 

How To Repurpose Plastic Hangers

If you've just cleaned out your closet and are left with a pile of unwanted plastic hangers, don't just toss them into garbage. Keep them out of the landfill by repurposing them into crafty, eco-friendly pieces that you can use throughout your home. You can give the hangers new life by transforming them into home-organizing tools.  Here are some way to reuse plastic hangers: 1. Magazine Storage If you have magazines with covers that are too eye-catching to store away, put them on display with hangers. Read More