How To Repurpose Plastic Hangers

If you've just cleaned out your closet and are left with a pile of unwanted plastic hangers, don't just toss them into garbage. Keep them out of the landfill by repurposing them into crafty, eco-friendly pieces that you can use throughout your home. You can give the hangers new life by transforming them into home-organizing tools. 

Here are some way to reuse plastic hangers:

1. Magazine Storage

If you have magazines with covers that are too eye-catching to store away, put them on display with hangers. An easy way to do this is by hanging the hanger's hook on a closet door knob, or you can hang it from a nail on wall. Simply open the magazine and lay it over the hanger. 

This technique will come in handy for displaying important newspapers as well. Even if you don't want to show off a particular periodical, you can still use a hanger to keep the reading material within arm's reach of a chair.

2. Sunglasses Rack 

Hang a plastic hanger on the wall of your home's entryway or kitchen to hold all of your family members' sunglasses during summer months. If you have several pairs of glasses, using a hanger is a smart way of keeping them all in one place and easy to find.

3. Festive Decor 

Get into a festive holiday spirit by decorating a plastic hanger with your child. You can start by wrapping ribbon or yarn around the entire hanger. Use colors that represent a specific holiday, such as red and green for Christmas, or yellow, green and pink for Easter.

Next, hang decor items, such as ornaments, mini stockings or bells on string, from the bottom of the hanger before displaying the handmade piece on a door or wall. 

If you want to use a hanger to craft beach-inspired summer decor, wrap twine around it to give it a rustic look. Next, glue small seashells, pieces of sea glass or driftwood to heavy-duty string and tie them to the hanger to create a sea-themed mobile. 

4. Towel Holder

In your kitchen, hang the hanger on the wall and use inexpensive wooden clothespins to attach dishtowels to it. The towels will be within easy reach when you need them, rather than stuffed into an out-of-the-way drawer. 

You can also use a plastic hanger to store washcloths in your bathroom. Take the project a step farther by painting the clothespins with craft paint in a hue that coordinates with the room decor. Glue flat-backed sequins or rhinestones to the pins to add a bit of bling. 

There are many uses for plastic clothes hangers besides just hanging your clothes. These ideas can help you use extra hangers and organize your house at the same time.