Opening A New Business And Selling Candy? Types Of Candy Packaging You Can Use

If you are opening a new business and are selling candy it is important that you display the candy properly. It is also important that you place the candy in the right type of packaging when it is sold to customers. To help you, below are different types of candy boxes and bags that are available on the market, so you can start selling your candy to the public.

Folding Candy Boxes

Folding candy boxes have a lid that can easily close to cover the candy. You can find these boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes. They also come in many colors, as well as designs. For example, if it is Christmas, you could purchase green and red boxes, or if it is Halloween you could purchase black and orange boxes.

Add some pretty tissue paper in the box and place the candy inside. Close the lid and tie it with a ribbon when customers buy candy. This gives them a nice box they can use for something else when they get home. Seeing the box will also remind them of your store so they will come back again.

Clear Candy Boxes

If you want customers to be able to see the candy you provide for them, you can purchase clear candy boxes. These candy boxes also have a lid that folds over or a separate lid that easily comes on and off.

Clear candy boxes are available in a variety of shapes. For example, you can find them in traditional box shapes or shaped like bags. You can also choose a clear cornet to place the candy in. If it is Valentine's day, choose clear candy boxes shaped like hearts.

Along with the box you can add pretty ribbon to increase the visual appeal of the box. You can also choose frosted boxes if you do not want them to be completely clear.

Candy Bags

There are also candy bags that you can purchase to place candy in. These bags are durable, so they will not rip easily, and you can find them in many different sizes. As in the folding candy boxes these bags come in a variety of colors and designs.

In most cases these bags have a draw string that is closed after the candy is placed inside. The draw string itself can also be a different color. If you want to use a combination, put candy in a bag and then place the bag inside a folding candy box. This provides the customer with more packaging and keeps the candy safer.

Talk with a company that sells candy packaging to learn much more about them.