4 Keys To Effective Laser Cutting

If you have metal that you need to have laser-cut, there are steps that you need to take to ensure you enjoy a quick turnaround and affordable costs on the project while also creating a product that is precisely what you want it to be. When creating a design that will need to be laser cut, you will need to know what you are doing.

1. Use the Best Software

First, when you are creating a laser-cutting design, you will need to use the right software. You will need to create a vector file for the manufacturer to use to create your design. There is a wide range of design programs you can use to create a vector file. You will want to use high-quality software that will allow you to create a precise image for the manufacturer.

2. Keep It Simple

Second, when you are creating a laser-cutting design, it is essential to keep it simple. If you want your project to be accurate, you are going to make a design that requires as few cuts as possible. If you add too many cuts to the metal, there is a good chance that the design will not turn off as well as it could. Don't make things too intricate; keeping it simple is the key to success with laser-cutting designs.

3. Create a Full-Scale Design

Third, when you create your design, ensure that you are making a design file that is full scale. Don't send in a smaller-scale design, or you will end up with a tiny design and not the full-scale part you wanted to create. The manufacture will use the design you send, so be sure the design you send is full-scale so that you get what you want from the laser cutting process.

4. Turn Text Into Shapes

Fourth, if you have letters that you want to cut out, you will want to turn the letters into shapes on the vector design. You need each letter to be vector-shaped. If you send in regular fonts, the laser cutting machine will not be able to convert that information appropriately. Each letter needs to be formatted as a vector shape for the cutting machine to know what to do.

When it comes to getting designs laser cut by a manufacturer, you need to use the right vector file software, keep the design simple, create a full-scale design, and turn all text into vector file shapes. Work with a laser cutting manufacturer to ensure your designs will effectively work with their manufacturing process.