Four Ways Stretch Wrapping Can Improve Your Shipping Department Operations

If you're not using stretch wrapping in your shipping department, you may feel that investing in stretch wrapping equipment is not worthwhile for your company. Being aware of some of the shipping benefits of stretch wrapping might convince you that this packing technique can improve your bottom line: The following are four major stretch wrapping advantages when it comes to optimizing shipping operations: Preventing damage to shipping materials Hand-wrapped shipping materials will not be as thoroughly secured as materials wrapped with a semi-automatic stretch wrapper. Read More 

Safely Stockpiling Gas At Home

With the threat of war always imminent, having a supply of gasoline stored safely away at home could be beneficial. Having your own cache of gas will allow you to fuel your vehicles and travel to safety if necessary, even when gas stations are not operating. If you want to ensure that you are able to utilize the gasoline you store at home in the future, it is imperative that you store this highly volatile liquid properly. Read More